Ok, maybe not the world, but what if they we in charge of the cartoons…

The Hipster way of life, just like any other fashion trend in history, can be as preposterous as it is short-lived. Now that it’s beginning to fade away as people gradually stop talking about it, one creative artist, Matt Lassen, attempts to lengthen its memory through his drawings.

Matt, who’s a cartoonist for Mad Magazine, reimagined world’s favorite cartoon characters in the modern hipster culture. He portrays classic cartoon characters such as Popeye, Bart Simpson and SpongeBob SquarePants in stereotypical hipster characteristics that border around tattoos, theatrical moustaches, artisanal phone cases, tote bags, thick-rimmed glasses and any other fashion fad synonymous with these contemporary bohemians in recent years.

The cartoonist gives every cartoon character subtle touches that bring slight in-joke to them in a more captivating manner.

“I wanted to pay homage to cartoons from my early youth with a touch of the hipster lifestyle to create a fun series,” said Matt.

Many of us may not be down with the hipster fashion trends, but we’re definitely in love with these hipster versions of cool cartoon characters.

cartoon_hipsters_5 cartoon_hipsters_4 cartoon_hipsters_3 cartoon_hipsters_2