These are not your ordinary engagement or wedding photos – and that is what is so cool.

Getting married…so many details to plan…and most often one of the most important considerations for couples is their engagement and wedding photos.  As with everything else – the dress, the venue, the after dinner entertainment, the first dance – couples want to put their own spin on their big day: one that reflects their relationship and their individuality.  For those couples that discovered professional Thai wedding photographer, known as Small Person, they definitely ended up with truly original moments captured on film.

Rather than focus on the wedding day alone, Small Person takes photographs of the happy couple in weeks leading up to their big day. Using tilt-shift photography, the resulting images depict the couple as miniature characters in a variety of scenes with larger than life backdrops.  From the serene scenes of a couple sitting among giant flowers or standing in the rain, to superhero type action shots, Small Person marvellously captures tender and funny exchanges between his subjects.  Must say, the tender moments of the photos are touching, but it is quite funny to see the groom appear to be captured by a flying insect or the bride look like she’s going to run the groom down with a motorbike!

All in all, it appears like the bride and groom in these photos had a great time shooting the pictures, and will enjoy these moments, both tender and hilarious, for years to come.  And that’s what it’s all about.

engagement or wedding photos 01

engagement or wedding photos 02

engagement or wedding photos 03

engagement or wedding photos 04

engagement or wedding photos 05

engagement or wedding photos 06

engagement or wedding photos 07

engagement or wedding photos 08