These Washing Machine Drums Are Lit with a Message

The best part about the world of art is the flexibility it offers in terms of medium, and there are few mediums out there that hadn’t really been explored over the centuries. Then came along the new doorway to the art world in the form of art installations and just like that, everything seemed bigger and better and way different than before.

From waste that nobody knows what to do with to the finest stuff one can lay hands on, artists have created some of the most amazing art installations by integrating a range of materials into their works, and here, we bring to you, news of a light art installation that has used – wait for it – old washing machine drums!

Firstly, it’s quite difficult to imagine how one could possibly create art out of washing machine drums, and secondly, it’s even more difficult to see them hanging overheard with lights upping the ante!

Well, Teatro Metaphora, a non-profit organization, has proved just how this can be accomplished, and there’s a message in the art as well.


Floated out by a groups of friends who wished to send out a message on why ecology is important and why thoughtful use of material is essential, Teatro Metaphora used 133 old washing machine drums for this installation named – A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


The initial plan was to hang 100 of them for the Sao Pedro Festival in beautiful town of Camara de Lobos on Madeira Island in Portugal, but donors kept giving away in their old drums and the number soon grew to 133.  So the group decided  to make every last one a part of this gorgeous installation.


The message that A Midsummer Night’s Dream gives away is that even something as bland and seemingly useless as washing machine drums can turn into something beautiful with the effort and commitment of a passionate group of people, and just one look at this unique installation tells you just that!