No drill, no skill:  no problem.

Installing wall-mounted shelving is one tricky affair. If you’ve ever tried it, you’ll agree that the process of stud-finding and levelling to find drill locations is a delicate task, often resulting in gaping holes all over the place as a result of ill-situated pilot holes.  We all know to measure twice and drill once, but even with that, somehow things still go sideways.

If you’ve ever managed to successfully complete this entire project single-handedly, then you deserve an attagirl or attaboy – certainly a place on the DIY Hall of Fame, if there was one.  The majority of us aren’t so lucky…


To make this tricky affair a thing of the past, birch-loving furniture company Swenyo has created an equable modular shelf system that discards all the shelving struggles. Drawing inspiration from French cleats, Wallace is a modular shelf system that makes the shelving process quick and quite easy, doing away with the need for drilling into walls thus causing less damage to the surface of the wall and making installation simpler.


Wallace has wall mount features such as birch rails and other mix-and-match accessories that can be used to craft various modified shelving setups such as shelving, racks with hooks and cube display boxes.  The kit that comes with a hammer, nails and level is currently available on Indeogogo. It’s sleek and ultimately cool.–4#/