Vivian the Dog Moves to Brooklyn: A Thoughtful Children’s Book

Children’s books are always an interesting read and although they are meant for children, the adults enjoy their fair share of reading and dreaming time. Well, if you’re looking for the next book that’s waiting to make things happen on a rather innovative level, here’s Vivian the Dog Moves to Brooklyn! And this one isn’t just another book for kids either.

Firstly, this book by Mitch Boyer address a rather sensitive issue – moving to a new city. While adults tend to find their own ways of handling the challenges of moving to a new city and taking up a new job, kids are often left to fend for their own.

Thankfully, Boyer thinks otherwise, and understands just how difficult things could be for kids, and hence, he and his dog Vivian, a cute little dachshund – have jumped to the rescue of these children who do not know how to fit into the scheme of things that a new city usually presents.

So the story has Vivian the dog – oh, and in the book Vivian’s a giant dog too, quite a departure from her otherwise smaller frame – moving from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Brooklyn, New York, and after facing several challenges in the big city, runs away to the old city. There, he finds a pal in Lulu, whose task it now is to guide Vivian and help her find her way through her challenges of life in a new place.



So will Lulu succeed? And will Vivian return to her new life in the Big Apple?

To find that out, you’ll need to buy the book Vivian the Dog Moves to Brooklyn! And before that, Boyer needs to get his cool project on the road, and that’s exactly why he’s kicked off a funding campaign on Kickstarter.

So, if you wish to see a great children’s book find the light of day, go ahead and support this project

And if it’s more info you’re looking for, it’s all here on Boyer’s and Vivian’s website.