This Video of New Yorkers Just Missing Their Subway Trains is Heartbreaking, and Sorta Fun!

If you’ve lived in New York, or any other big city for that matter, you know how every minute counts. And if you plan to travel on the New York subway system, then those minutes turn into crucial seconds sometimes, and here’s a video that shows you why that’s important.

Gothamist seems to nail it with this video of New Yorkers trying to make it into the trains, and while some of them seem like they manage to shrug it off, the disappointment on their faces tells another story altogether.

Oh, and there are a few good endings too, like when the doors reopen like Ali Baba’s magic cave, thanks to a thoughtful driver who decides to give these latecomers a second chance at making it through.

Whether they are running down the platform to make their way through the crowds, scampering in search of a door that would be willing to take them into the train and then on to their destinations, or simply trying to put a foot between the doors to try and get it open, the expressions are priceless, and you know in an instance that life in New York certainly isn’t as easy as it is made out to be.

“There is no quintessential NYC experience quite like running down a subway station platform with your arms flapping all about like a distressed penguin, making eye contact with the conductor, and then hesitantly stretching out your hand to try to slip between the doors before they close. For every time they re-open, they’re just as likely to slam shut in your face, leaving you gazing at your own disconsolate reflection in the greasy window as the train rolls away forever,”

says the description to this video by Jessica Leibowitz.

Well, the description just about manages to sum it up, although one look at the distraught faces in the video tells you the whole story in a way no words can.