1. A Tree on the Back of the Neckuv-tattoo-16

This is an absolutely creative way of showing off your love for trees and nature.

  1. The JakeKalua Cat on the Chestuv-tattoo-11

This is a tattoo with a cat-like picture on the chest. The cat seems so elusive while still concentrating on something.

  1. London Landmarksuv-tattoo-06

Here is a nice way to express your love for the city of London on your arm.

  1. Skeletonuv-tattoo-09

Take the skeletal structure tattoo game to another level with a very cool skeletal structure that only appears under black light.

  1. Hakuna Matatauv-tattoo-29

This is a fabulous way of attracting attention to your foot with inspiring safari writing.

  1. Dreamcatcheruv-tattoo-12

Inspire yourself on your bicep with a ‘Dreamcatcher’ UV tattoo.

  1. Butterfliesuv-tattoo-20

This is an all-time classic tattoo that truly expresses the wearer’s adventurous and independent nature.