Wanna take your tattoo to the next level?  Consider hitting it with a splash UV and watch it pop.

Having a cool tattoo is a modern art and fashion statement that is not only expressive of the individual’s tastes, but also a perfect way of showing one’s creative side. The centuries-old technique has always evolved over and over with many tattoo lovers choosing either classic styles or new techniques that are fascinating to them and to the audience.

Speaking of modern styles of tattoos, most of these inventive body arts are made perfect using modern technologies that enable the wearer to remain fresh and classy. One such classy tattoo is the UV glow-in-the-dark tattoo. This type of tattoo will only glow and become visible under a black light and almost remain invisible during the day or under normal lights.  The creative use of UV technique is a brilliant way of ensuring that you stand out from the crowd in a club or at night.

This awesome UV technique is gaining popularity among tattoo lovers. Here are some of the ‘glowing’ tattoo masterpieces that are likely to inspire you to get the UV glow-in-the-dark ink.

  1. Angel Wingsuv-tattoo-36

Seeking for a guardian angel in the dark? This is the way to go.

  1. Ultra Mandala Tattoouv-tattoo-13

The nails are even more captivating in the dark.

  1. Light up the Mountainuv-tattoo-14

This is an incredible way to show your love for mountainous adventures.

  1. Yodauv-tattoo-10

Get a Yoda ready to hit a dark side on your back with a UV lightsaber.

  1. Shoulder to Breast Tattoouv-tattoo-31

This is, in every possible way, pleasant and attention grabbing.