This couple shows their love for their giant teddy bear.

On an Instagram account dedicated to showcasing an array of its mind blogging adventures, Boone the Bear is quick to admit it can hardly put up with all the attention. And with more than 14,000 followers and counting, it’s perhaps safe to nod in agreement and note that it’s fast becoming an Instagram celebrity.

Boone the Bear 01

The account that is managed by Spencer Findlay and Mackenzie Schmutz, who are dating, was basically created to hilariously highlight the life of the gigantic Boone, but has now turned into an Instagram sensation. The somehow crazy idea kicked off when Spencer bought the colossal teddy bear for Mackenzie as a gift.

“We explore a good deal,” said Mackenzie.

“We used to hike and go anywhere on the weekends, but once we got Boone, we’ve had to figure out a place we can go adventure, but also bring it along.” Mackenzie added.

“We’ve planned to keep Boone over the summer because seeing it grow is so encouraging now that we have an audience that seriously enjoys our escapades,” Spencer noted rhetorically.

We couldn’t agree more, Boone looks like a really cool road trip buddy.

Boone the Bear 02

Boone the Bear 03