Ever wonder what cut of meat is what?  Well we’ve got you covered.

Let’s be honest here; the summer is still months away and weather forecasters are yet to start talking about sizzling weekends. But even with that long wait; we never stop thinking about a nicely grilled steak shared among friends and family. And now that the snow is beginning to melt and the temperatures are somehow rising, we can at least delve into grilling a greatly cut steak.

While most of us always crave for the soulful taste of a superbly grilled steak, we often forget that a delicious steak will start with the butcher. In other words, that juicy taste of a properly grilled steak that will hit your stomach begins with the best cuts of beef that you pick at the butchery. Now that most of us know how to nicely grill tasty steaks, it is noble to agree that cutting steak perfectly is an activity that should forever be left for the well-trained and experienced experts.

We may not be in a good position to properly explain how it is done, but one thing is for sure; these pictures show how it should be done.


meat cuts 05

Image Source: imgur.com

This is the classic steak house steak that features both a strip steak and filet mignon, separated by a bone.