Tune In To Some Refreshingly Cute Tattoos

The inking world has pretty much remained the same for a long time, and there isn’t a lot of innovation as far as tattooing ideas are concerned. Whether it is a tattoo with a deep meaning that one would proudly carry on them all their life, or simply one that some folks brazenly gets while on a drinking spree, the basic design and layouts of tattoos are pretty much the same.

One tattoo artist however, is out to change all that, and his simplified and cute ideas seem like a lot of fun! These eye-catchingly simple tattoos are dressed down versions of the original thing, and in these versions, everything from pizzas and burgers to ice-creams and flowers come alive in a fun way.

Mattia Mambo is the tattoo artist behind these works, and this Italian artist sends his work out to the world from his base in Milan through his Instagram account.

Here are a few of Mambo’s deconstructed tattoo works. Aren’t they refreshingly different?

Tattoos Simplified 1

Tattoos Simplified 2

Tattoos Simplified 3

Tattoos Simplified 4

Tattoos Simplified 5