Way cool underground bar and restaurant in Tokyo is a sight to behold.

You’ve probably heard a lot of startling stories about the Robot Restaurant in Japan. The chronicles about this wildly flashy restaurant are so epic that we would surely include it among our top destinations should we make a trip to Shinjuku, Tokyo.

On that note, Beat Down Boogie, a YouTube entertainment crew, went there to check it out and their 4K video attests that it’s even crazier than we expected or have seen.

While you can have a meal at the Robot Restaurant, it’s certainly not designed for that particular purpose. It follows the general feature of Tokyo as a multi-faceted city that comes to life at night as a kaleidoscopic wonderland with its neon and flashing lights.

The inside part of the restaurant is utterly incomprehensible. It has extremely flashy lights, bright colors, a spectacular robot arena and a surface that is totally covered with fluorescent lights and polished mirror gloss, just to mention a few.

In short, we’re not sure whether this crazy theme involving insane flashing lights, extreme costumes and untamed remote controlled set pieces will overload your senses in a positive or negative way, but this clip is absolutely worth watching.

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