Tiny houses that you can take anywhere.

A self-confessed “recovering pack rat”, Christian, along with his partner Alexis have built themselves a cozy little home that cost them less than $20,000 and to make it even better, they can take it on the road with them wherever they go, whenever they want.

This traveling home is just what a wanderer needs, striking just the right balance between having a place to call your own and then being able to go places, Alexis and Christian are showing us how to do this right.

So what did they actually create for themselves?

Its a cute little rustic cabin that seems like it jumped right out of a fairy tale, except that it has all the modern amenities one has gotten used to in today’s world, plus it has wheels for those adventurous road trips!

Salvaged wood from a farmhouse that was up for demolition makes up most of the house, which is filled with stuff that is all recycled. Hey, even the curtains have come from leftover material the duo hunted down at a furniture show. In fact, almost every detail has a wonderful story to it – like the kitchen counter top that was made from trees that fell when a tornado that hit Christian’s parents’ backyard.

Every nook of this cozy 130 square foot home shows the hard work that Alexis and Christian have put into it, with Christian’s life experiences as a home renovator’s son coming in handy. And at the end of it all, they have an amazing lineup of amenities to show off, from a full-sized pantry, a cooktop (Alexis loves to cook), a bathroom and a shower to a comfortable queen bed and even a couple of lofts, there’s everything in here you’ll need to be at home.

Now, the couple and their beautiful home travel together across North America, documenting similar tiny home projects for a feature film they are working on.

“To be surrounded around the things you love and need, makes your daily living experience a little more joyful,”

says Alexis, and we completely agree!

You can know more about this amazing “Tiny House Expedition” on their website.

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