We probably all at one time or another just spent some time watching planes take off and land and this video captures it in mesmerizing 4k.

Being one of the busiest airports not only in the United States, but in the whole world, JFK International Airport seems to have airplanes arriving and leaving the airport on a nonstop basis. And based on this astonishing 4K resolution video that shows the timelapse between arriving and departing airplanes we can probably agree.

The video that was captured from Floyd Bennet Field shows arriving and departing planes changing so fast that they appear like flying lights. It was captured using a powerful Canon 6D Lens, turning the airport into an incredible timelapse scene like never before. The footage intensely shows arrival and departure patterns at the airport in a way that is crisper, sharper and much more engaging than just hanging around the airport.


This 4K timelapse video has four times as much resolution as any other 1080p HD, thereby showing the planes moving at lightening speeds. You’d almost think that the same planes are going round a single circle. Even on video, the calming sense of watching planes come and go is still something that soothes the soul.