This incredible video will not only captivate you, it will also make you smarter.

Virtually every living being on the face of Earth can, to some extent, appreciate the sun with its advantages, disadvantages and complexities. Even with all that, there are still a lot of actions that goes on in the sun that goes unnoticed, especially with the naked eyes or by the ordinary people. To help in enlightening us; the ordinary people and clear up on some of the sun’s astonishing mysteries, NASA has shared an intense video that incredibly explains the magnetic field lines in the sun, albeit through the use of a computer model.

The clip is captivatingly narrated by solar physicist, Holly Gilbert, from Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC), which is a significant space research laboratory for NASA. According to Gilbert, the sun is a major star that is beautifully driven, by magnets. These magnetic field lines cannot, however, be seen simply because they are invisible. For that matter, GSFC can only turn to computer models to enable human beings to understand the stunning global magnetic configuration of the sun.

The video model, which shows the mysterious magnetic fields of the sun, was created using a vector magnetograph to mesmerizingly show the activities the most complex star over a period of four years. The video involves a computer model that uses color-coded lines to represent the magnetic field lines, which extend far and wide into the space, as well as the rest that loop back into the sun.