This short film blends the real world with VR & AR and gives us a glimpse of what tomorrow may look like.

Forget the self-tying shoes, legit hoverboards, the recently released Google 360 movie or the flying cars; augmented reality is what our future has in store for us in terms of technological development.

In the past, it was the movie Blade Runner that carried a common vision of our species’ potential dystopian future in terms of using lots and lots of light, color, and advertising to blur the lines between reality and the virtual world. However, that is set to be surpassed after a talented design artist Keiichi Matsuda released a short film that provocatively depicts a futuristic scenario that merges digital media and the real world using augmented reality.

Named Hyper-Reality, the six-minute movie portrays the protagonist, 42-year-old Juliana Restrepo, becoming disillusioned with her life in Medellin, Colombia. This is as a result of the city being over-saturated with adverts, computer graphics, games, social network updates and over-automated internet. She’s so plugged into the augmented reality world that pop-up avatars act as her daily personal advisors.

Hyper-Reality-Bus- Hyper-Reality-Game-Screen Hyper-Reality-Grocery-Store

With the film’s deliciously creepy theme that’s both inspiring and claustrophobic, it will be very difficult not to be overwhelmed within seconds of watching it and with what our future may look like.