This is a cool way for transit to work with cars.

Being a country of 1.35 billion people, China has awful 50-lane traffic jams that would make your five-lane freeways headaches pale. However, it now looks like some cool engineers have come up with an absolutely dramatic solution to help China’s traffic predicaments.

Officially known as Transit Elevated Bus (TEB), this crazy wonder may seem like something from a science-fiction movie, but it’s actually in existence after tests were successfully carried out in Qinhuangdao, China.

This Is What Public Transport Should Be Like 1

This weird TEB, which is 15.7 feet tall, 25.6 feet wide and 68.9 feet long, is based on a cool concept of getting through traffic by simply driving over top of it. The bus is not stuck in traffic and doesn’t make it worse, it can be linked as a train of four carriages with each holding as many as 400 people.

“TEB’s biggest advantage is that it will save a lot of road space, do similar functions to the Subway while costing less than one fifth of the subway,” said the project’s chief engineer, Song Youzhou.

It can go up to 60km/hour running on straight rails positioned alongside conventional roads. And as far as pollution is concerned, a single TEB could replace 40 ordinary buses, thereby reducing fuel consumption by 882 tons a year, which really is the goal of public transit.

This Is What Public Transport Should Be Like 2

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