Take a ride on a rocket as it comes back to earth.

Blue Origin, the private spaceflight company owned by Amazon owner Jeff Bezos, recently released amazing first-person footage of its New Shepherd suborbital rocket during its third successful landing.

The video that was captured by a vent cam shows a brilliant column of fire blasting out of the reusable spacecraft as it makes its way skyward to the Earth’s atmosphere before separating from the crew capsule, which parachutes its way back to Earth. The rocket’s engine restarts at 3,635 feet and tremendously uses its thrusters to make a vertical landing after reaching the planned altitude of 339,138 feet.

The historic event that took place on April 2nd in the Texas desert lit up the cool blue sky above and is a major step towards the company’s aim of dramatically making spaceflights affordable to everybody by reusing its boosters instead of disposing them.

This footage shows how incredibly cool the rocket’s journey is, especially when it lands. It certainly looks like a scene out of a sci-fi movie.