This is the Ultimate Rancor

In the Star Wars’ Return of the Jedi, Rancor is a hulking beast with towering muscles and reptilian flesh that is owned by Jabba the Hutt. The monster walks on two stubby legs and uses its strangely long arms to capture prey before munching them with its salivating tooth-filled jaw. Until now it was just on the big screen, but now you can the most realistic Rancor by Jeremy Fisher.

Ultimate COS Play Dedication

Fisher is not just a Star Wars aficionado, but also a talented animator, who works for Robot Chicken in Los Angeles. He used his insane talent, spent $2,000 and took an entire year to create the most ultimate Rancor that you’ll ever see.

Using polyurethane flesh, removable limbs and a few technological devices such as USB-powered fans to keep it cool, the L.A.-based animator ensured that this Rancor came to life properly in the streets during the recently held Comic Con in San Diego.

Ultimate COS Play Dedication

Fisher’s Rancor was a major hit at the event and displayed some good range of motion as shown in this video. We however hope it doesn’t have the vicious features like Jabba’s most prized trophy. You can visit Fisher’s Instagram for the photos that properly document the cool behind-the-scene process of bringing this Rancor to life.

Ultimate COS Play Dedication

Ultimate Rancor 01

Ultimate Rancor 02

Ultimate Rancor 03

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