This blacksmith is making the world’s coolest hammers.

Cergol Forge tools are not just your average hammers, knives and axes.  Cergol Tool & Forgeworks  are known for making bespoke tools that are known not only for their beauty, but also for their functionality.  The latest hand forged tools ooze the craftsmanship of a 25-year-old blacksmith, who has been blacksmithing since the age of ten.


With his love of forging and passion for well made tools, founder Aaron Cergol has been successful turning a hobby into a business, where he is widely recognized for his beautiful handiworks. His tools are recognized for perfectly blending old designs with exceptional modern twists – married with his strict criteria for functionality and durability.

Aaron has built his company by delivering a high standard of quality that is achieved by hand-crafting each piece using only traditional methods, all of which is done in the USA.  Custom artistic touches, such as the impression of shapes in the steel, and intricate carving detail extending down the wooden handle, add visual interest without compromising functionality.  This level of detail, along with Aaron’s commitment to quality, is resulting in an increased demand for his tools.   As if his regular offerings aren’t awesome enough, Aaron also is making custom orders for those real tool aficionados looking for one of a kind hammer, knife or axe.   Tools that are as beautiful as they are functional.  Have a look at the pictures – absolutely amazing!