This ex NASA brainiak takes her skills to the kithchen

BethAnn Goldberg is definitely one of the unique gems that hide within the attractive streets of Menlo Park, California. Having graduated from Stanford University and working as a NASA engineer, Goldberg decided to swap the space shuttle to become a cake maker and she’s is so good at it you won’t believe it.

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Believe it or not, Goldberg moved from her successful NASA career to the insanely competitive world of cake baking. As the owner of Studio Cake, Goldberg is known for coming up with all kinds of wild cake designs that are eerily realistic.

Goldberg says her NASA background triggered a high level of creativity that she now applies on her cakes.

“At NASA, I met some of the most innovative and creative people, who taught me a lot about passion and dedication. So when I moved to designing cakes, there wasn’t a dramatic change in my mind because I’m passionate about cakes,” she says.

Despite not having any formal pastry training, the mother-of-two has in the past emerged as the winner of not one, but two cake baking competitions on Food Network Challenge. When it comes to her craziest hyper-realistic cake sculptures, it’s actually tough to choose her best ever creation. Take a look and see which one your think is out of this world.

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