This Baby is Winning the Internet and Doesn’t Even Know it.

It’s always a huge relief when you finally manage to put a little baby to sleep so you can enjoy some deserved moments of peace and quiet. One mom, however, turned down her chance to put her feet up and instead made baby’s nap time into something even more adorable.

Laura Izumikawa Choi, a new mom from Los Angeles, couldn’t just grab some shut-eye when her four-month-old daughter, Joey Marie, fell asleep. So instead of just sitting there, the photographer mom resorted to dressing up her sleeping baby in some very delightful and creative Cosplay costumes and the internet is head over heels in love with the gorgeous images.


Izumikawa dressed up little Joey as pop culture figures including Beyonce, Jon Snow, Goku, as well as TV shows such as “Star Wars” and “Stranger Things”. Oh, even Pokémon Go made an appearance! She did all these to share the moment with her parents and memorialize Joey’s growing up.

“My baby Joey always sleeps deeply, so I assumed it’d be cool adding little props on her just to send some rib-tickling pictures to our parents. It has turned out to be unique way of commemorating her growth and little milestones,” Izumikawa said.

It now looks like Joey’s grandparents aren’t the only ones in love with the baby. The images that Izumikawa has been posting on Instagram has endeared her to more than 340,000 followers and counting.

We’re sure you’ll agree that Joey is the youngest, and coolest, cosplay queen.