These Paper Meals Look so Surreal

We all love to tuck into tasty foods and we couldn’t just let these ones pass by. Our obsession with food is so intense that at first we thought that these were real mouth-watering delicacies only to realize that they’re actually papermeals from the crafty guys at Yelldesign.

Known for producing short amazing videos exclusively for the internet, the Melbourne-based animation studio came up with the cool idea of creating stop animation that run for about 60 seconds just to depict how to prepare sumptuous meals such as fish, French fries, meatballs, and even a plate of pasta, using nothing but paper.

“We’ve in the past seen a lot gorgeous still images of food designed from various materials, but we’ve never had a full scale recipe created completely out of paper,” explained Todd Watts, one of the studio’s designers.

The studio used a quirky animation style to turn paper into surreal and colorful everyday recipes. These papermeals look so cool and splendid; no wonder it took them three months to completely design all the five animations.

Paper Meals to Die For 1

Paper Meals to Die For 2

Paper Meals to Die For 3

Paper Meals to Die For 4

Paper Meals to Die For 5