No, really these custom Logitech gaming keyboards are backlit and awesomely cool.

It’s not just cute and retro; it’s cool and unbelievably impressive. That’s the best way to describe Logitech’s latest creation, which is a gigantic screen created out of about 160 keyboards that they used to showcase a video game-inspired story at this year’s Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) East gaming conference.

Having a brilliant habit of contravening the norm and going beyond our expectations, Logitech constructed this magnificent wall from 160 “G810 gaming” keyboards. The keyboards had to undergo little customizations where their actual keyboard faces were removed and covered with clear tops.

As this short video shows, the customization made the central lighting elements more visible with the resulting narrative resembling and displaying a colorful blocky pixel art of typical retro 8-bit video games. This may have been a Logitech promotional video, but syncing all those keyboards is a cool feat nonetheless.

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