The Iranian Hulk is Stone Solid

Sajad Gharibi is a no ordinary weightlifter. Nicknamed the Iranian Hulk, Sajad can lift up to 386 lbs, that’s nearly the same weight as two baby elephants.
Also known as the Persian Hercules, the 24-year-old weighs almost 350 pounds and is virtually all muscles. Sajad has caused quite a stir on social media and gained more than 96,000 followers on Instagram with the internet conveying their absolute astonishment at his physical size.

While he’s a big fan of Fanta and likes taking pictures in his free time, Sajad is a massive weightlifting aficionado and has participated in numerous weightlifting competitions in his native Iran and other parts of the Middle East.

From his photos on Instagram, Sajad doesn’t appear really tall, but his colossal arms are out-of-this-world. He certainly dwarfs almost everything he takes pictures with.

His size makes him an intimidating prospect by all means, even though those close to him say that he is a gentle giant and very kindhearted.

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