The Golden Age when Plane Food was First Class

We all know that traveling by plane has come a long way since the 1950s, and not always in a good way. From in-flight Wi-Fi to personal TV screens, things are totally different. However, one thing that has changed albeit negatively is airplane food, which truth be told, is more than disappointing. Airplane passengers are often presented with gloomy looking meals even after paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for long-haul flights.

Foods that are served nowadays in planes are so pathetic you wish you could be transported back to the golden age of flying where food was as fine as you would ever imagine. And to prove it to all you disbelieving millenials, here is a fantastic collection of vintage photos of airplane food and service that were taken aboard Scandinavian Airlines during the 1950s through to the 1980s.

When Flying Was Fun and Delicious 1

Unlike sad trays of tiny iceberg salads, powdered mashed potatoes and rubbery chicken that are common today, these incredible images portrays comfortable-looking passengers being served sumptuous meals such as whole cream cakes, lobsters, whole legs of ham and caviar.

In the golden age, airplane flights were not only meant to get passengers to their vacation, but were in fact vacations in themselves. These vintage photos from the lavish aviation era have a feeling of nostalgia that would make modern travelers salivate in disbelief.

When Flying Was Fun and Delicious 2

When Flying Was Fun and Delicious 3

When Flying Was Fun and Delicious 4

When Flying Was Fun and Delicious 5