Looks like car racing may become even more like a video game soon.

Roborace – yes, the name does sound predictive but that’s what it’s all about – is a race that will see driverless electric cars competing against each other, and boy the car look as futuristic as the concept itself. The result of a collaboration between Formula E, the racing series for electric cars only, and Kinetik, Roborace will see ten teams with two cars each pitted against each other to win on the same course that Formula E race car drivers will fight it out on.

The part that will make the race even more interesting than the usual ones is that the balance of power here is the same. There is no difference in the manufacturers nor is there any difference in the cars themselves. So while Formula One fans can bet on their Ferraris and McLarens depending on the drivers, the cars, as well as the innovations announced by the companies, the autonomous electric cars that will be put on the track in Roborace are all the same!

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 3.26.35 PM

Now, if you think regular race cars look cool, your in for a huge treat as these e-race cars will blow you away, they look more like something out of Tron.

Daniel Simon, the same guy who designed the futuristic machines in the space age movie, was hired by Roborace to work on their cars, and the similarity is a welcome treat. If you have driverless cars racing it out at 300 kilometers an hour on a real racetrack, you might as well make them look like they’ve come in from the future.

Simon outlines his mission for the design of these cars as one that leaned heavily on the beauty factor. “To create a vehicle that takes full advantage of the unusual opportunities of having no driver without ever compromising on beauty,” is how Simon frames his plan for the cars. “Beauty was very high on our agenda,” he says, and one look at the Roborace cars will tell you just how successful Simon and his team have been on that front.

On the marketing front, the design of the cars as well as the concept of the race is sure to attract top-notch advertisers. After all, which company wouldn’t like its logo displayed on these beautiful machines that the entire racing world is turning around twice to take a good look at.


So how will these self-run electric cars do on the performance charts?  Well, they are already deemed to be faster than their traditional human manned counterparts.  While the race cars scorching the tarmac in Formula E are set to notch speeds of around 140 miles an hour, the Roborace cars, without their drivers slowing them down or affecting their performances with personalized decisions, will notch speeds of around 186 miles an hour.

These autonomous electric super cars are ready to set the tarmac ablaze, and the way things look, we are already looking at the future here!

So are you ready for the first driverless electric car competition in the real world? The 2016/17 Formula E Series will see these machines make their debut on the racetrack, and hope they find a permanent place there.

Ready or not, here they come!