He’s at it again and this time he’s lighting it up.

Can’t just deny that fire is awesome and beautiful, but also very dangerous and destructive. To demonstrate this, our favorite Crazy Russian Hacker has offered a dramatically captivating video on whoosh bottle experiment to show different layers of alcohol combustion inside the large bottle, which in essence, produces a whooshing sound.

In carrying out the experiment, the Crazy Russian Hacker (Taras Kulakov) pours a 70% content of methyl alcohol into the weirdly big bottle and rolls it around inside the bottle to coat the walls of the bottle with methyl. He’s so careful in ensuring the bottle is covered to prevent the gas from escaping. With his match box ready, Taras turns off the lights, quickly removes the bottle top and lights fire inside the bottle.

Taras then takes us through the show of incredibly dancing flames accompanied with an amazing whooshing sound. The same thing happens when he does the experiment with 95% methyl alcohol only that this time it burns even faster. This enchanting experiment shows that a highly concentrated level of alcohol is more volatile and evaporates faster. Now don’t try this at home.