Well its more like the coasters are a perfect replica of our anatomy.

Let’s admit it; it’s often embarrassing both for you and your guests to leave marks on hard surfaces with your beloved drinks. While many people never talk about it, it’s one of the unwritten drinking etiquettes that are silently awkward and often occurs despite how hard we try to avoid it.


To finally put this disconcerting and unavoidable occurrence to rest, Firebox has cleverly created cool coasters that when stacked on the surface, details anatomical heart drawings, which are fairly perfect for six sets of glasses.

In actual sense, these coasters are pretty amazing and you don’t have to be a cardiologist to stack them back together as each slice is labeled for easy stacking. Remember that each coaster has plastic feet to protect your beautiful tabletops. You can now own this cool set for $19.99.

heart-anatomy-coasters-bourbon heart-anatomy-coasters-up-close heart-anatomy-coasters