One of the most popular tattoo style is the lock and key and while every person has their own definition of what the specific meaning of it is, we’re looking at some of the most common reasons people choose this form.

Tattooing has fast turned into an incredible form of organized art after moving beyond the sheer stamp of a tribal or a gang mark. As a modern art, tattoos have turned into creative arts that portray and reflect an individual’s style, ideas and express the innermost feelings of the wearer.

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In most cases, an individual chooses a tattoo that somehow mirrors his/her personality. With that, symbolism becomes an important part of a tattoo. While many tattoos are personal, unique and carry hidden meanings, some tattoo designs are worldwide and often convey universal meanings. One such tattoo is the lock-and-key designs. They are popular, universally recognized and can be UV inked or be rendered with personal touch and uniqueness.

The key being arguably one of the most symbolic things in life, key-and-lock tattoo designs are always based on love, mystery, secrecy, relationships and reservations. Whether it is about the key to success, the key to a partner’s heart, the key to unlocking the beast in us or the key to finding a solution, key-and-lock tattoos convey a lot of meanings that are so great both to the wearer and to the audience.

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Here are some explanations of what some of the key-and-lock tattoo designs might mean:

  • Freedom – I’m the only one who is responsible of my freedom; thus I control what I allow.
  • Eternal Love – Related to the subject of love and everlasting commitment.
  • Locked up – Controlled and under protection.
  • Security, Safety and Protection – I protect what I love with everything I have.
  • Keepsake – Never to forget this relationship.
  • Imprisoned – Not yet free.
  • Chastity – Unwanted intrusion is met by vehement defense.
  • Valuable – My body is so precious.
  • Change – This key unlocks and changes everything.

Do you have your own lock and key tattoo?  Feel free to tell us what inspired you to get yours.

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