You Won’t Believe What You See

Macro photography is becoming more popular, becasue lets you get up close with things in a way that you wouldn’t do on normal viewing or with naked eyes.

That said, Macro Room captured a host of everyday objects using a macro lens, and on closer inspection you won’t believe what they turn out to be. As revealed in this mesmerizing video, everyday objects shot in macro, before being zoomed out quickly to reveal what they are actually are.

Even though they’re object that we see on a daily basis, we realize that we can’t exactly tell what’s what. While we thought that we knew what they were before being zoomed, it dawned on us that we really didn’t have a clue. Imagine a Coke bottle cap looking like a peeled orange!

Because you’ve never seen these objects in such a way, take a look at this video and see if you can figure out the objects before they’re zoomed. It’s pretty cool, hypnotizing and fun trying to guess what they are.