Dinner Porn is the Latest Online Craze in South Korea

Have you heard of food orgasms? Well, it’s when you eat something so good that it makes you moan just like you would while experiencing a sexual orgasm.

And the latest trends doing rounds on the internet in South Korea is something called ‘Dinner Porn’, or ‘mok-bang’ as it’s better known. This is just food porn where you don’t eat the food. Instead, you watch someone else eat a lot of food without the nudity.

The people broadcasting such ‘mok-bang’ videos are good-looking and seem to have an amazingly huge appetite for all kinds of food. The only part that may seem disappointing to a few is the absence of anything raunchy, apart from some action in the culinary department!

These  enthusiasts broadcast themselves eating entire meals while internet surfers watch live videos being streamed. They eat anything from pizzas, to hot and spicy Korean food and such ‘Eating Broadcasts’ have become a huge hit in Korea.


The trend initially started in 2008, when Afreeca TV aired some of these shows. These people don’t just get to eat these meals, but can also earn hard cash that they initially receive in the form of virtual currency and broadcastesr can even earn thousands of dollars from just a single broadcast.

All they need to do is dress up, use certain props to set a particular tone for the background, set their table with a myriad of dishes and chow all of it down tastefully. Broadcasters even talk to their audience about food and describe the taste of the dish they are eating.


Why would someone want to watch someone else eat for hours? Well, the answer may be really simple, people love good food.  Koreans, particularly, are known to enjoy their food by the quality as well as the quantity. The more the food, the better the show.

The Diva is one of the most-watched broadcasters and she streams live videos every night and her shows even go on for hours at a stretch. Some like her as she offers virtual company, to those who eat alone daily.  When asked, she said that she spends a whopping $3,000 on food in a single month. However, with the money she makes through these broadcasts, we doubt the expenditure would be a challenge.

Broadcasting jockeys on ‘mok-bang’ have even gained quite a lot of weight with all the gluttony eating episodes, but we don’t hear them complaining! Instead they seem quite thrilled with the fact that their work is appreciated by so many viewers.