Swimsuits of the Last Hundred Years, Body Painted.

You know how we always argue that fashion trends repeat themselves every few decades or so? Well, we do not know how it works with some other fashion merchandise, but when it comes to swimsuits, we have evidence to sift through now!

Created by Mode, this unique video has a model displaying swimsuits that have been the peak of the fashion corridors of that time. And it doesn’t just cover the trends of a few years or even decades, but an entire century.

Now, while that itself is impressive enough, look closely and you will know there’s more to it.

Each of these swimsuits are not real material that the models have squeezed themselves into, but a body painter’s work at its best!

From the fairly modest beachwear of 1916 to the raunchy and in-sync swimsuits of today, this video takes you through all the fashion trends, and in body paint mode too!

Titled “100 Years of Swimsuits – In Body Paint”, this video also shows you the body painters hard at work, with the music of each decade playing in the background, setting just the right mood!

Oh, and the argument of fashion trends repeating themselves? Well, we’ll let you decide that once you see this video.