You’ve probably heard of Sushi Pizza now you can get into a Sushi Burger and possibilities are endless.

It may have taken long for this delicious new trend to catch everyone’s attention, but it’s now taking the internet into overdrive. We’re talking about sushi burgers; a new Japanese cuisine craze that surely puts your sad desk “burger” lunch to shame. Yeah, that’s right. Sushi + Burger = WOW.

And for those who have always thought that Japanese food is all about dainty daubs of wasabi, slender slithers of pickled ginger and restrained thimbles of rice, here is a new food trend that is undoubtedly skyrocketing in popularity. This “burger” uses sushi rice to replace the traditional bun while in-between fillings are done not with beef patties but fried soft-shell crab, raw fish or shredded chicken. Toppings can include a variety of assortments including; avocado, pickled ginger, spicy mayonnaise, red cabbage, bright orange roe, sesame seeds, a thick piece of salmon and sashimi, among others.

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These incredibly looking sushi burgers are seasoned with little salt, sugar, wine and vinegar. They may just be getting popular in Europe, Canada and the US, but have been served in Japan’s main hamburger chain, Mosburger since 1987.

The only question surrounding it seems to be how to eat it because the rice “buns” may fall apart too quickly. Nonetheless, this mouth-watering delicacy can make your life easier if you always find it hard deciding what to take for lunch.

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