This crazy Canuck, our Canadian friends will get that on, decided that city subway maps were just plain too boring, so he Super Sized them…well he Super Marioed them.

We can all agree that strategically placed city maps, although extremely important, are quite boring to look at. There are some that display the pictures of important monuments and some that are even interactive to some extent and yet there’s something missing. No matter how interesting a city map may be, there’s little to keep us glued to one.

Well, Dave Delisle, a Canadian artist and the self-confessed geek behind Dave’s Geeky Ideas, is here to change all that. With his love of Super Mario Bros. and his weird addiction to city maps Dave’s decided built a collection of map posters of popular cities and their subways in Super Mario Style.

Here’s a Bay Area Transit Map, which may have the Mario in you itching to find all the adventures hidden in it.

Bay Area Rapid Transit Map – Super Mario Kart Style


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The Toronto TTC Subway/RT map that seems like a maze Mario would love to roam in!

For now, Dave’s collection includes the city map posters of  Washington DC, San Francisco, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Portland and Montreal.  Gauging the amazing response that he’s gotten we are sure that the project will soon expand to more maps and probably different maps soon..

‘Dave’s Geeky Ideas’ isn’t just restricted to city maps Delisle’s official Tumblr page and his website will tell you all about the geeky adventures he has.

Now, here’s a geek that does things his way and makes even the most snooze-worthy stuff extremely interesting!

Ottawa’s O-Train Map


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Pittsburgh Light Rail Map


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Vancouver Skytrain Map


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Atlanta’s MARTA Map


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Portland’s MAX LRT Map


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