This Tel Aviv office building blends in nature within its lobby.

The Amot Atrium Tower is one of the latest additions to the Ramat Gan business district in Tel Aviv, and while the 43-storey structure is in itself a highly detailed and impressive piece of architecture and engineering, the piece of design that’s actually drawing everyone’s attention is located in the lobby of the building.

So what is this one element in such a dynamic office space that is drawing attention from even the structure that encloses it? Well, it’s a staircase, but not just any staircase.

It’s a sculptural spiral staircase made of Poplar wood, extending from the receptionist’s desk that marks the culmination point of the lobby of the building up to the first floor, all the time flowing freely and even encapsulating a vantage point that seems like it sits atop a tornado.

The creation of Tomer Gelfand, the stair railings as well as the receptionist’s desk and other associated elements were made from Poplar wood only, with the railings alone adding up to around 9000 meters. The curved and bendy design gives us the illusion that the structure may be flexible, but of course, the strength and stability of the structure is evident, considering it is a working staircase!


From certain angles, the staircase looks like a giant snake making its way to the first floor of the building. While from another, it looks like the path to the tornado, the top of which serves as a viewing balcony.

You can check out the details of this wonder-design on the website of the creators here.

The design of the staircase certainly clashes with the otherwise flashy yet conventional design of the office building itself, but then, when has the beauty of design and architecture ever followed the rules of cohesion!

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