This Stunning LEGO Sculpture Will Surprise You.

As a spectroscopist working in a laboratory, John V. Muntean is a very busy man. Despite his tight schedule, Muntean still finds ample time to create one of most stunning LEGO projects you’ll ever come across.

Mind Blowing LEGO Creation

To him, “perspective matters” a lot. You’ll not be able to understand what he means, until you see his work. The US-based artist uses his unique skills to create a “Magical Angle” LEGO sculpture that is captivating in every sense.

His amazing LEGO piece can magically take form of a jet, a dragon or even a butterfly! It all depends on the angle you choose, but the mesmerizing reveals occur when light hits the sculpture. This is because Muntean’s brilliance lies in the shadows of his hypnotic artwork.

Once you see Muntean’s LEGO sculpture in action in this video, you’ll pretty much keep scratching your head like we did. It’s a pretty cool piece of artwork.

Mind Blowing LEGO Creation