We know the French love their food and their art and this artist put them together in a very interesting way.

Parisians and the French people in general are widely known for their affinity to sumptuous dishes, and Lor-K is no different. As a streetwise artist based in Paris, Lor-K has turned to a rather peculiar concept of showing his love for various delicacies.


In an amazing project titled “EAT ME”, the artist has resorted to transforming old mattresses collected from the streets into giant murals of various colorful foods. Dotting the sidewalks of certain streets in Paris, you’ll find splendid slices of pizza, cakes, sushi, waffles and sandwiches among other mouth-watering foods.

Street Art-Food Edition-09

Given that Lor-K incorporates these yummy culinary installations on random streets in Paris, it goes a long way in showing the city’s love with everything appetizing. And because not every one of us can board the next plane to Paris, it’s perhaps okay to check his Instagram account to experience how intricate these creations are.

It’s unfortunate that they cannot be eaten for they’re made of mattresses. Nonetheless, they look coolly tasty!

Street Art-Food Edition-03

Street Art-Food Edition-04

Street Art-Food Edition-06

Street Art-Food Edition-07

Street Art-Food Edition-08

Street Art-Food Edition-15

Street Art-Food Edition-11

Street Art-Food Edition-10

Street Art-Food Edition-12 Street Art-Food Edition-13

Street Art-Food Edition-14