This UK technical artist’s renderings are out of this world.

For those who’ve had the opportunity of reading the book Incredible Cross-Sections of Star Wars, you probably already know the wonderful work of Hans Jenssen. He’s a staggeringly talented illustrator and a technical genius who was first contracted by the team behind Star Wars, 19 years ago in 1997.


In this contract, Jenssen was expected to create a series of detailed hand-drawn illustrations depicting the inner engineering minutiae of various Star Wars vehicles and locations. The UK-based illustrator used traditional drawing techniques without using a computer, any software or other digital aid. This made his work even more antiquating, as well as pleasing and refreshing to zoom in and explore.

His art is characterized by utmost attention to detail and creativity in a combination that involves a robust quantity of engineering imagination thrown in for good measure and to provide the fans of Star Wars with pure joy. This is virtuous artistry at its best. Visit his portfolio website for more of his amazing illustrations.

death-star-180dpi-2976x2105 homestead-2977x2105 millennium-falcon-180dpi-2977x2105 throne-room-2977x2105 yodas-small-pod-1188x1608