Rotterdam exhibit pays homage to the past and looks to the future.

Modern staircases are no longer built to inspire awe or to become conversation points, perhaps because people have a plethora of other less strenuous options. But because the world has been littered with awe-inspiring staircases before, we couldn’t avoid highlighting the latest one of the bunch.

Following in the footsteps of New York’s Guggenheim Museum and Germany’s ‘Impossible’ seashell staircase at Hartenfels Castle, Rotterdam’s Stairs of Kriterion is a gigantic scaffolding staircase that offers an unmatched panoramic view of the famous Dutch city. Spanning 180 steps that lead to the rooftop of the iconic Groot Handelsgebouw Monument, this magical staircase is 29 meters high and 57 meters long.


It was designed by MVRDV as a tribute to the city’s 75th anniversary of post World War II reconstruction. The designers are hopeful that this project will be the first step, pun intended, towards creating a network of rooftops in Rotterdam all linked by escalators and staircases. While this is a spectacular way of getting from point Y to Z, it is an indisputable artistic statement that puts the city’s skyline to better use.

You’ll however, have to hurry if you want to see this extraordinary man-made “road to heaven” before it closes on June 12th.