This video of a South African Police Officer in full chase of some bad guys on his bike is out of this world.

It’s unimaginable, anywhere in the world, that a police officer would chase a dangerous thug down the streets using a motorbike. We’re used to seeing police officers in their cars while going after the bad guys, but a South African police officer recently proved otherwise.

This footage which was taken from a first-person-perspective shows high-speed police chase with a fearless South African police officer on a motorbike chasing down a thug in the streets of a town believed to be in the north east of Pretoria. The widely shared and viewed video vividly portrays the real life in South Africa, which is known for its high crime rates.

The video is reminiscent of an action-packed Hollywood movie and is littered with sirens and radio communications between police officers as they take on their quest to corner the criminal. At one point, the dramatic clip shows the daring police officer pulling out his pistol and firing many shots at the thug who’s speeding away in a red car. At the end of it, the culprit is cornered by a bunch of police officers when he slows down after the brave officer on the motorbike blows out his car tires.

In responding to this video, the Intelligence Bureau of South Africa simply wrote; “Just another day for our law enforcement members!” You go to take your hats off to this heroic officer who puts his life in danger to maintain law and order.