Well, like they say there’s a day for everything

For ardent Aliens fans, April 26th being Alien Day, came with a slew of cool goodies that were inspired by a variety of products from various Aliens films. Perhaps the coolest product that came out of last week’s Alien Day was the limited edition of a liquid-filled Xenomorph blood vinyl record that had the original Aliens movie soundtrack.

The memorabilia was produced by Mondo, a production company that specializes in the manufacturing of movie-related posters, soundtracks and toys in collaboration with artist Curtis Godino of Drippy Eye Projections.  With each copy of the blood-filled vinyl taking over an hour to produce, Mondo released 75 copies only.

This special edition of the infamous James Horner’s Aliens’ soundtrack may be out of reach by now, but you can still get your hands on other cool souvenirs that were also released on that day including; Alien digital pins, apparel, Reebok Alien Stomper, fright rags, horrifying Aliens themed posters and other highly detailed alien collectibles.

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