No Dirt, No Sun, No Land. No Problem

As the world’s population rises, so does the demand for agricultural land. The scarcity of land is a major concern especially in urban areas, but it looks like there’s a solution a foot and a mind-boggling one for that matter.

Known as vertical farming, it’s an indoor technology where multiple stories are turned into innovative green hubs to help in the production of plant based produce. It involves the use of artificial LED light to replace sunlight and a futurist hydroponic system to ensure that farm crops are produced substantially with less water.

From China to Wyoming, Vertical farms have been emerging around the globe in areas where conventional farming would never have been possible. Take for instance AeroFarms in Newark, New Jersey.  It’s a farming company that’s transforming agriculture through its ground-breaking Vertical Farm systems that use 95% less water than would be required to do the same type of farming in the traditional farming fields.

The company’s use of synthetic LED light is a great way of saving energy while the farms do not require any form of herbicides or pesticides. More importantly and as shown in this amazing video, there’s no need for soil; all you need is some head space.