Artist produces spectacular snow art in the Rockies.

We are almost sure that you’ve never heard of Simon Becks. If you haven’t, worry not because you will never forget about him or his wintry art after today. While many artists use paint brush, computer software or pencil, Simon uses nothing, but his snowshoes and of course his creativity.

He is a gifted and dedicated artist, who is well-known for making ornate snow murals that are incredibly delicate in nature and incomprehensible even to the most accomplished mainstream artists. His detailed arts in the snow are made by literally walking miles over fresh snow, thereby making large mountainous snow arts that are mind-blogging and astonishing.

For many of us, it may seem crazy and disturbing that Simon spends up to 11 hours covering large areas making his expansive snow art only to have them destroyed, covered or blown away by snowfall in a matter of hours. Yet still, such adversaries never stop him from doing what he is best at and loves most. For the best part of two decades, Simon has traveled the world making stunning drawings in Snow Mountains that will inspire the art of geometry in you.

Here’s one from last season!

Posted by Simon Beck’s Snow Art on Saturday, November 7, 2015

With the Alps being his favorite spot, Simon spends mind-bending hours covering an area of about 100m by 100m, which in essence, requires him to cover up to 25 miles as he brings out his crazy artistic patterns. Looking at his unique form of art and his way of doing it as portrayed in this video, it is easy to notice that Simon is inspired by the powers of nature and driven by super-human forces. He treks across a thick snow to create extroverted geometric drawings based on his footprints on the snow or any other pristine surface like on the beach.

powmow06, the first drawing of 2016, nearly complete

Posted by Simon Beck’s Snow Art on Thursday, February 25, 2016

Each of his specific art seems to be well-planned in advance and is carefully mapped on the site. Simon literally takes the art of hiking in a winter wonderland to a whole new level. For instance, one of his most trending art pictures is a coyote design he made at Lake Louise Ski Resort in Alberta, Canada. The painstaking fractals, undaunted geometrics and snowflakes that are left in his wake are stunning even though they are barely visible in photos given lack of sunlight in his field of play.

The helpers soon learned the technique for shading

Posted by Simon Beck’s Snow Art on Saturday, February 13, 2016