Small Spaces Make for Big Living

When it comes to houses, we tend to relate small spaces with only temporary homes that have livability limitations of their own. The changing trends in architecture and design have, however, changed this rule of thumb over the last few years. Minimized spaces that provide you with the chance for abundant living is what it’s all coming down to now, and a few design houses are certainly making inroads worth mentioning.

Minim Micro Homes is one design house that has a sure footing on this platform with the Minim House, and this little space, measuring only 210 square feet, fits so much into it that you would be surprised at how it all works out.

Originally the brainchild of Brian Levy, some fine-tuning by Foundry Architects, and then, some clever building by David Bamford of Element Design+Build has brought the Minim House into the real world, and boy, is this home an impressive one!

Size Doesn't Always Matter

An exquisite design with just the right amount of aesthetics and detailed construction techniques have enabled the Minim House to deliver on several fronts.

An easy pullout floor bed, more windows, an impressive table that plays several roles as a kitchen island or a bar, a bedside table, a coffee table and a second desk as well as a thoughtfully designed bathroom and toilet area are only some of the highlights. Integrated air conditioning, a 10-feet kitchen, closet, sofa cum guest bed, a separate office space and a 7-feet projection screen make it even better.

Moreover, the off-grid quotient has been taken into account as well. Towards this, you get higher insulation levels that result in energy conservation as well as offer the home better soundproofing, improved air quality through ERV fan systems and an integrated yet minimally visible rain storage system.

The house is also more easily removable from your trailer, with only 15 bolts to take care of for complete detachment.

Size Doesn't Always Matter

Apart from the ready units that are already up for sale, Minim Micro Homes can also build one for you, in line with any specific needs or wants you may have for your own living space.

Well, only a glimpse into the details is enough to tell you that the Minim House sure has quite a high livability quotient, in spite of just 210 square feet making it all up!

You can visit the Minim House website for further details.

Size Doesn't Always Matter

Size Doesn't Always Matter