This person remade her garage into her mini dream home.

Even though she describes herself as a multidisciplinary artist and designer, Michelle de la Vega is adamant that she is not an architect. As she relaxes on the couch in her 250-square-foot Mini House to narrate the story of how she turned an old garage into what she calls a “Dream House,” the burning passion in her eyes shows it all.

Michelle admits she had no idea she would become so famous in this domain and become an inspiration to everyone dreaming of affording a minimalist living ethos. Her story began when she decided to transform a dirty old garage into a lovely Mini House that would catapult her to international architectural prominance.


She purchased a new home several years ago for $208,000 and opted to rent out the main house to generate steady income and convert the old garage into a living space as a survival strategy. “At that time I had to come up with a good survival strategy,” she says.

Her gamble not only paid off, but also ensured that she spent only $32,000 for the entire renovation of the garage. Her new ‘Mini House’ incorporates much of the garage’s original structure except for the four feet of framing that she rose to accommodate an upstairs sleeping loft. The house also comes with a nice bathroom, kitchen and is superbly illuminated by soft natural light. Michelle’s digital floor has drawn the most attention and she confesses to using recycled furniture and other objects to design it.

Her ideal plan, which is accessible even to students, is arguably the epitome of minimalist living and promotes the essence of using every space more efficiently.


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