Capturing the art of yo yo ing with this super slow-motion camera is absolutely mesmerizing

Ok, we’ve probably all has a yo yo at some point in our lives, but for those who have never see or interacted with one, here is a very clinical definition of the yo yo. In simplest term, yo-yo is a toy that has an axle that is connected to two disks with a lengthy string looped around the axle. You play by gripping the free end of the string and throwing the yo-yo to spin.

Over the years, there have been many styles of playing yo-yo. One of the latest yo-yo craze is showcasing incredible yo-yo tricks with water in the background and shooting it with a camera to capture the sheer brilliance of the physics going on when working the yo yo.  To make us appreciate the awesome artistry and tricks involved filmmaker Darren Dyk from Beyond Slow Motion has captured two master yo-yo throwers doing their stuff and showcasing their wizardry.

The video captured JT Nickel and Paul Dang, who are from One Drop Yo-Yos and the video  has been viewed more than 680,000 times on YouTube already.  This video captures JT and Paul shredding water with their yo-yos in an absolutely marvelous way. The super slow-mo video camera captures the intensity and skill that goes into some of these incredibly challenging tricks.  Time to find the box with the old yo yo in it, dust it off and start practicing!