This Swedish body artist who specializes in sleeve ink is out of this world.

Niki Norberg is one of the most talented tattoo artists in the world. With his 15 years of experience, the award-winning artist from Gothenburg, Sweden is widely known for his realistic and highly detailed sleeve tattoo designs that have enabled him to amass a huge online following. Having a combined following of more than 472,000 on Facebook and Instagram his realistic tattoos have been spread everywhere on the web with tattoo fans in awe of his artistic creativity.

Known as niki23gtr on Instagram, Niki is definitely one of the best contemporary tattoo artists around. When you look at his amazing designs it clearly shows the detail, passion and time that he’s put into mastering his craft.

Niki, who works at the Wicked Tattoo Studio, has worked side by side with Heidi Hay since 2007. The pair are known in Sweden as the organizers of the widely popular Gothenburg International Ink Festival, which brings attention to the realistic tattoos that are detailed with clear contrasts. His monochrome sleeve pieces are authentic, complex and characterized with very clever elements. The Swedish craftsman says;

“My tattoos help me imagine a story and figure a special way of developing it and build feelings in pictures that are not only exceptional to me as an artist, but also to my clients.”

There is no doubt that Niki is able to create unbelievable tattoos by turning the body into a canvas of expressing captivating feelings. These are a sample of the sleeve tattoos from Niki’s wide ranging body of work.