The idea is basic, throw out all that you think you know and build it back from the ground up.

The world of design and automotive technology is a fast-changing scene, and what’s trendy today might not be fashionable tomorrow. But in a rather sharp contrast, the world of winter power vehicles has remained unchanged for quite some years. So if you’ve ever found yourself uninspired by the humble snowmobile that has been around for more than a decade and require a craftier alternative, Snoped is here for you.

sno ped 03

It’s a very unique ruggedly-looking winter vehicle that is half snowmobile and half moped. This radically looking concept is designed and created by Michigan designer Joey Ruiter, who’s is known for having challenged himself to produce modern forms of winter transport.

The aptly-named extraordinary winter vehicle is constructed with an aluminum body, an underneath lightweight aluminum chassis that has a 90 cc engine and has vertical headlight and tail light to complete its café racer bike posture. It also has Chrysler Snow-glider tracks for its performance and usability.

sno ped 01

For you to get to your winter destination in style using this freakishly futuristic snowmobile that measures 76 inches long and 6 inches wide, you’ll have to buy it at around $95,000. In real sense, Snoped is a blockbuster winter vehicle that’s almost akin to Burton’s snowboard chopper in Star Wars, and oh and yes, it’s really cool and does work.

sno ped 02

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