This teacher uses his mad drawing skills to help teach anatomy.

Art. The word holds an entire world of possibilities in it and everything you imagine that can happen here is breathtaking. And artists. These are the people that take their imagination, and ours, and bring them into the real world, and for this reason alone, we can never have enough of art and artists.

Now let’s talk science, the human anatomy to be specific, and you would never think that the world of art and pure anatomy could ever merge.

Well, Chuan-Bin Chung is an illustrator and instructor at the She-Te University in Taiwan and one look at his work will tell you that anatomy and art can indeed be bedfellows, surely the strangest ones, but bedfellows nonetheless!

Take a course in Illustration, Anatomy of Arts and Painting Skill at the university, and you will find that you may never need the textbook at all, especially the bits where the illustrations lie. Chung is so good at what he does – creating chalkboard drawings of the human anatomy – that students seldom need to look elsewhere for guidelines, or inspiration.




So while most other teachers would simply explain the process to his students, Chung leads the way by creating impressive anatomical drawings on the chalkboard, making sure that these important lessons on the human body are never lost in translation. We bet you don’t even need to speak the Mandarin language to learn what Chung has to teach.

“The process of demonstrating is very important to students. Without the process, they learn nothing, so I draw every educational drawing on the chalkboard in class,”

says Chung, explaining why he puts in so much of effort into his work.

The results are impressive indeed, and Chung shares them through his Facebook page OB Illustrations. In fact, if you want a crash course online, you can even head to his YouTube channel, and this one’s free.

What Chung teaches is science of course, and a highly detailed class at that, but the artistic touches he gives his work, makes for interesting stuff indeed. We bet his students never miss, or fail his class!